Sunrise News Interviews Todd Snively about Conquering Amazon

I had the pleasure of talking with Amanda Robinson recently. She said, “I want to get to know Todd Snively a bit, and his secrets to selling over a hundred million online and on Amazon”. As some of you know, talking about making money online, especially with Amazon, is a passion of mine, so who am I to turn down an interview?

Amanda didn’t pull any punches at all. She asked about my biggest regrets in live and how it was I was able to pull out of a nose dive that would have been the end for most. Not a great way to start out an interview, but totally understandable. Who in their right mind wants someone helping them that doesn’t learn from past mistakes? Don’t get me wrong – there are plenty of perfect people out there that only want to work with perfect people. That’s would be what you call, not my niche.

We spent time talking about Chris Keef, my business partner, and how we built Expert University™. Chris and I work really well together, and we are both passionate about helping others achieve the success they want in business, and in life. Now, more than ever, people are deciding it is time to start their own business, jump off that cliff, and build the plane on the way down. Chris and I want to make sure you don’t crash in the process.

Much of the article was spent discussing Amazon and the opportunity that anyone has to become a third-party Amazon seller. If you have an interest in learning the right way to sell on Amazon, you can go to the Expert University website and learn more there. The article did a nice job capturing some of the essence of the opportunity available to those that want to learn how to sell on Amazon, but it didn’t spend much time at all talking about the actual opportunity that’s available to people.

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We spent some time discussing the types of products we sell on Amazon and the fact that we are product agnostic. That simply means we don’t really care what we sell as long as it is ethical, legal, unrestricted and profitable. It’s important to remember that this is a money making venture. We don’t get emotional about our products, and we don’t care how unsexy they are. Yes, 99% of the products we sell are very, very unsexy.

Finally, what would an article during this historic time period of the “virus” be, without actually talking about how the current “virus” has affected our business. Spoiler alert – it’s caused historic online purchasing. Plain and simple, when you lock people down, they are not going to want to go out shopping, and they are going to buy stuff online, even if they’ve never done that ever before. Once they see how easy it is, virus or not, they’ll continue to buy stuff online. Amazon tends to be where they go to do that.

If you’d like to read Amanda’s interview with me, you can find it by clicking on this link “Making Millions Via Amazon: Todd Snively reveals His Secrets“. If you’d like to consume additional content from this site, I suggest checking out this article.