How to start being an entrepreneur: It’s all about mindset

Entrepreneur Mindset - Todd Snively

How to start being an entrepreneur? What does it take to become an entrepreneur? Is it a certain set of qualifications, personality traits, skills, or gifts? Is entrepreneurship a strength that some of us are born with or a checklist of careful steps we take to make it to the top? The last time I checked, there wasn’t a list of criteria or a one-size-fits-all guidebook on how to become an entrepreneur. That’s because all kinds of people can become

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Conquer Your Self Limiting Beliefs

conquer self limiting beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs creep up on us from time to time; they show themselves in many different ways. When you allow self-limiting beliefs to rule your life, you are pretty much guaranteeing yourself a failure. Even if you believe self-limiting beliefs all about yourself, a self-limiting belief will occasionally rear its ugly head only when least expected and completely prevent you from getting things done. It would be best if you guarded against self-limiting beliefs at all costs. They are not

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