Todd Snively Business News Ledger Article

I woke up this morning to find an article had been published in the Business News Ledger.

You can read the article here:


Todd Snively has been self-employed, working for himself, almost his entire life. Todd Snively came out of the United States Air Force and immediately formed his first real business, which was a legal services firm where he performed paralegal duties for attorneys. He eventually became an expert in the collection of Judgments and his business took off. Todd Snively sold that business to pursue what he thought, was the dream of turning his long time pilot license into a Commercial certificate and fly for a profession. After one year he decided he preferred flying for fun over flying for a living. He set his sites on real estate investing and there was no looking back. Now, Todd Snively is best known as an Eight Figure Amazon seller, creator of online profits and consultant to thousands looking to make money online. He has taught over 6,000 people the wholesale distribution method of selling name brand products on Amazon using the buy box rotation method. Todd is available for speaking engagements all over the world. He is a frequent guest on some of the biggest podcasts in the world. His keynote speeches at masterminds continue to be well received. Todd is currently writing a book about how to make money online and all the lessons he has learned over the decades. The book promises to be a best seller and Todd is excited about this project. Todd is convinced that with the proper training, attitude and mentorship, anyone can learn how to create profits online. His pet peeve about the industry is that it is so easy for the con men to take advantage of unsuspecting folks. If you're about to put some of your hard earned money into an online program, contact Todd and run it by him. he will give you an honest evaluation of the pros and cons having seen just about everything in this industry. He also stays up to date with most of what is going on, as he wants to give good advice to his membership.